Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Spirit

I just had a wonderful experience talking to my guide Elaine again, with Jess and Ash. I found out even more about my previous lives, and my spirit. My spirit's name is Jessica. When I think about it, it makes sense to me because I used to call all of my barbies either Jessica or Sarah, I had a fascination with the names, but have lost interest in recent... times shall we say, haha. It also makes sense because most in most of my previous lives, I have been American, Canadian and Australian, so having a name like Jessica makes sense.

My spirit is 4,168 years old, so I'm pretty ancient. This is my 28th life, but there were periods between each life where I was people's spirit guide. I've been 71 people's spirit guides in total, some of which are in my life now, mostly people from my childhood / teenage years which when I think about it, I still kind of care for / respect those people even thought we don't talk anymore. I was also Anthony and Ash's guides, which is really cool :)

Now, that sounds really confusing but basically to break it down, me, Aoife is just one of my lives for my spirit Jessica. I've had 28 so far, and will probably continue to have many more. But we have the same spirit for all our lives, which is basically our entirety, our soul if you will. So my spirit is 4,168 years old, and has the name Jessica. So when I was anyones guide, they knew me as Jessica. Just like Elaine is her spirit name, she may not have been called this in her last life or anything, its her soul's name or whatever.
Also, our spirit does have a gender identity, mine's just so happens to be female. It's just a coincidence that I'm female in this life too. However, we asked about trans people, and Elaine told us that when trans people want to transition its because their spirit / soul is stronger and somewhat overwhelms the actual life.

My spirit is also older than my guide Elaine's, I forget how old she said she was, 300 and something I think, and she told me that I teach her things as well as me learning from her, which I did know already, cause she's 17 in the form that she takes right now, which is younger than me.

I asked Elaine if I could ask her questions about this life, things I've always felt weird about. She told me I was suppose to have a big brother, and he'd now be older than my oldest sister. She also answered a few questions about my younger years that I wanted to clear up, so I'm really happy now, and I feel my mind has been put at ease about a lot of things.

Then we spoke to Ash's granny, who's spirit is called Benjamin, he's one of Ash's guides. Ben was so strong, like the glass was literally going mental, and kept flying off from underneath our fingers, it wasn't a bad thing though, just very assertive.

It was so lovely and relaxing, I've been getting bad vibes from my apartment, but Elaine told me that's all in my head, and I was just worried because I haven't been doing spiritual things recently cause I was so busy. Really good experience all round :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holidays are Coming....

So now that that stupid essay and 'Out of The Bag' documentary is out of the way, and I'm excited about shooting in Donegal this weekend, I can finally relax and start looking forward to Christmas.

It's by far my favourite time of the year. I love the look and the sound of Christmas. The really dark days, but filled with beautiful colours of red and green. And every where you look is glittery white lights. It's so magical, it makes me stupidly happy and warm and fuzzy inside.

I love Grafton Street at Christmas.
And I love when Starbucks starts doing the red cups and Christmas drinks like eggnog latte and the red cherry one.

I love going home and spending time with my cousins, granny and granda, aunts and uncles who I almost never get to see during the year. I love the build up to Christmas, helping mum with the preparations and choosing presents for my friends.
I love Christmas day, and Christmas Dinner. Getting too stuffed to move after was is so lovely, but of course you still can fit in dessert. Christmas Night is probably my favourite time of the entire year, and have some of my greatest memories from Christmas nights. It's a night of family, friends and tradition. For the last number of years all my family, cousins, grandparents come to my house, and we all sit in the sitting room having the bantz together. When enough alcohol has been consumed the guitars and pianos kick in and we all have sing songs and such a good laugh.

I'm very excited for this year cause I get to see my two best friends:
Michelle McColgan (who is studying in Bordeaux, France, haven't seen her since early September)

and of course Michelle Rice (who is studying in Dundee, Scotland and haven't seen since my birthday in September)

Here's a pic of the three of us last Christmas:

So yeah, can't wait for Christmas - 32 days!! which means like 25ish until I see my best friends. I'm actually really excited to get out of this fucking city. (never thought I'd say that. ever. keep it on the DL.) Anyway I'll leave you with more excitement than you can even handle (The 90s Classic one)

Monday, November 8, 2010

THIS is Donegal.

Below is a photo of a guy on a night out in Donegal. So lets just point out, he's clearly gay. But people have been commenting on the photo, and arguing for three months about it.
The homophobic, narrow-minded, backward, uneducated and fucked up comments make so angry. This is not okay. This is the exact attitude gay people from the country have to put up with.

I know most people have it difficult at some stage, but Jesus Donegal just takes the piss. I know some people are trying to defend the guy, but its just a joke! I had to get it out.

I'm from the most homophobic part of the WORLD is it? Grand.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

So eh, took this photo last night at Paramore, right?. Now, for about 30 minutes previous to it, I was struggling not to faint because of the heat, and being squished against the barrier. I literally had to beg the security guards not to take me out. I gave Sinead my camera to take photos, then when Pressure was on, right as Hayley went to lie down on the monitor and took it, without flash or anything.

BAM. it's been posted everywhere all over the internet, like 1000s of comments, on different blogs and what not. SUCESS!!

Straight after I took this photo went back into my coma of dizziness and blacking out. Totes was Elaine, she said she's gonna help me with my photography last time I talked to her :P
(Oh, and for the record, I eventually fainted, standing up, being held on my feet by the mass of people around me, then woke up and was totally fine, haha!)

So, cherry on top of the best day of my life really. (Got to meet them again, and got front row, and had SO much fun!) And I had a great weekend Producing a film, it went so well. Someone deflate me before I get an ego....


Thursday, November 4, 2010


It's about time I introduced you all to the one, the only: Michelle Rice.

This is us aged 17 after getting piercings together in Derry to celebrate her birthday.

This is a photo I took of Michelle at this years Gay Prom in Dublin.

This is a photo I took of Michelle in Summer 2010. We dyed her hair, drank wine and took photos, using my desk lamp to light it. This is what our friendship consists of on the regular :)

She's really dumb and went to uni in scotland, so we Skype a lot. She drink's a lot. I drink a lot. Sorry liver.

Michelle got me hooked on menthol cigarettes. Sorry lungs.

She's a wee nerd. But i love her!
Aye. This is her! :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This Band. This Saturday.

Everyone knows I'm obsessed with Paramore, they're my fav band ever. ever.
Words cannot describe how stoked I am for the gig in the o2, Dublin this saturday.

Here's my and Megan having a laugh with them last December in the o2.

Can't wait to see the wife, Hayley. Look at her doing her thang.
She's actually so gorgeous!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Elaine & My 28th Life

Me and Anthony did another session of glass divination the other night, and decided only to talk to our guides. So I talked to Elaine, and found out loads about her. I actually love her so much, she's so funny and a very sweet person. She lived in Dublin and passed at the age of 17 in 1988. She's only been my guide for a few weeks, since I started talking to spirits. When I was talking to her I got a vibrant image in my head of what she looks like, and straight away she started agreeing with me on the glass, which i found funny, yet cute.
She is tall, slim, and very pretty, with shoulder-length brunette hair. She has lovely green / blue eyes and such nice facial features. I couldn't see her clothes, but I think she was quite fashionable in the 80s. However, I know she's not too girly, but not a tomboy either, and she's also gay. She aspired to be a photographer. Anthony asked her did she want to be a fashion photographer, and she said yes, but it was a very unsure yes. Then she told me that she hadn't figured out what she wanted to photograph yet, she just loved taking photos.

We had a laugh with her about how she got to use deadly film cameras all the time, and how that was so cheap back then. She even said she'd help me develop my photography skills by sending energy to me that will convince me to change the composition or what ever, hahaa. I can tell the kind of things she's interested in, and what she likes and doesn't like. The other day when I was walking to the college car park, and went through the new orchard thing, I could sense her going mad with excitement, because she felt like it was so peaceful and beautiful. I think I'm going to visit there more, cause I can sense her happiness every time I go there. I kind of feel like I want to take her on loads of adventures, and let her see the world with me. It's so nice and comforting to know she's there.

I really like her and I'm so glad I got to talk to her on Wednesday night, because I was so unsure about what information I received from Victoria, Sinead's guide. But it turns out that information she gave me about Elaine was from a different life. Which leads me on to my next point - reincarnation. They told us it's true so clearly we wanted to know all about our previous lives.

This is my TWENTY EIGHTH life! Anthony is on his 31st, but we both are very old spirits. Anthony's friend Ben is on his 9th life, which is quite young. A lot of things, fascinations, obsessions in this life, are linked to my previous life.
My fascination with America, Canada and Australia is because thats where i spent most of my lives, especially or more recently America / Canada. Which is also probably why I feel like I don't have an Irish mindset. I've always been very attracted to america and american people, and Elaine and Laurence (anthony's guide) told me this is why. I've also ALWAYS, since the age of about 3 years old, been obsessed with Orca Whales. For my sisters birthday she was giving the 'Free Willy' video but didn't want it, so gave it to me. I think I was 3 or 4, and I still have it and still watch it. I remember I used to watch the opening and closing sequences over and over because I loved to watch the shots of the whales in the sea, just jumping around and having the craic. I also remember my Dad brought me home a free willy teddy from Liverpool one time, and I cried so much when my dog Bouncer got it and ate it. Aren't they just the most beautiful, fascinating creatures you've ever seen in your life?

Anyway, when we we're talking to Ben's Jacob, Ben thought he picked up something about me living in the Antarctic or something, which I thought was so funny. But then when I talked to Elaine she told me I used to be an Inuit in North Canada. And I was forced to kill whales and cause it was the only source of food and materials, etc. I actually wanted to cry at the thought of this. I've never been a mad animal rights activist, but the thought of killing orca whales REALLY upsets me. So it's obviously because I used to do it, even though I didn't want to.

Oh, I was also a black female singer in America back in the day, and I was quite famous. This explains why I always sing, and secretly want to believe I'm amazing, even though I'm tone deaf. It also explains why I used to have such an obsession with Destiny's Child, 2pac, and a lot of black r'n'b / rap music. And I always found the Black Civil Rights Movement so fascinating, and I guess its why I get angry at racism.

I imagine I looked quite like this. Haha. I was also Anthony's spirit guide before, which explains why we hit it off straight away on the first day of first year. I was also a member of royalty at one stage! Which Anthony's in denial of, cause he wants all the attention on the fact he might have been royal three times, twice in Japan. I was also a gay man before which is deadly.

They said I'm going to develop my psychic abilities which is so fun, but I'm too scared I'll be clairvoyant (able to see spirits) which I think I'm not able for. Anyway, all in all, it was lots of fun and I'm so happy I had good chats with Elaine.