Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Spirit

I just had a wonderful experience talking to my guide Elaine again, with Jess and Ash. I found out even more about my previous lives, and my spirit. My spirit's name is Jessica. When I think about it, it makes sense to me because I used to call all of my barbies either Jessica or Sarah, I had a fascination with the names, but have lost interest in recent... times shall we say, haha. It also makes sense because most in most of my previous lives, I have been American, Canadian and Australian, so having a name like Jessica makes sense.

My spirit is 4,168 years old, so I'm pretty ancient. This is my 28th life, but there were periods between each life where I was people's spirit guide. I've been 71 people's spirit guides in total, some of which are in my life now, mostly people from my childhood / teenage years which when I think about it, I still kind of care for / respect those people even thought we don't talk anymore. I was also Anthony and Ash's guides, which is really cool :)

Now, that sounds really confusing but basically to break it down, me, Aoife is just one of my lives for my spirit Jessica. I've had 28 so far, and will probably continue to have many more. But we have the same spirit for all our lives, which is basically our entirety, our soul if you will. So my spirit is 4,168 years old, and has the name Jessica. So when I was anyones guide, they knew me as Jessica. Just like Elaine is her spirit name, she may not have been called this in her last life or anything, its her soul's name or whatever.
Also, our spirit does have a gender identity, mine's just so happens to be female. It's just a coincidence that I'm female in this life too. However, we asked about trans people, and Elaine told us that when trans people want to transition its because their spirit / soul is stronger and somewhat overwhelms the actual life.

My spirit is also older than my guide Elaine's, I forget how old she said she was, 300 and something I think, and she told me that I teach her things as well as me learning from her, which I did know already, cause she's 17 in the form that she takes right now, which is younger than me.

I asked Elaine if I could ask her questions about this life, things I've always felt weird about. She told me I was suppose to have a big brother, and he'd now be older than my oldest sister. She also answered a few questions about my younger years that I wanted to clear up, so I'm really happy now, and I feel my mind has been put at ease about a lot of things.

Then we spoke to Ash's granny, who's spirit is called Benjamin, he's one of Ash's guides. Ben was so strong, like the glass was literally going mental, and kept flying off from underneath our fingers, it wasn't a bad thing though, just very assertive.

It was so lovely and relaxing, I've been getting bad vibes from my apartment, but Elaine told me that's all in my head, and I was just worried because I haven't been doing spiritual things recently cause I was so busy. Really good experience all round :)

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