Friday, October 29, 2010

Elaine & My 28th Life

Me and Anthony did another session of glass divination the other night, and decided only to talk to our guides. So I talked to Elaine, and found out loads about her. I actually love her so much, she's so funny and a very sweet person. She lived in Dublin and passed at the age of 17 in 1988. She's only been my guide for a few weeks, since I started talking to spirits. When I was talking to her I got a vibrant image in my head of what she looks like, and straight away she started agreeing with me on the glass, which i found funny, yet cute.
She is tall, slim, and very pretty, with shoulder-length brunette hair. She has lovely green / blue eyes and such nice facial features. I couldn't see her clothes, but I think she was quite fashionable in the 80s. However, I know she's not too girly, but not a tomboy either, and she's also gay. She aspired to be a photographer. Anthony asked her did she want to be a fashion photographer, and she said yes, but it was a very unsure yes. Then she told me that she hadn't figured out what she wanted to photograph yet, she just loved taking photos.

We had a laugh with her about how she got to use deadly film cameras all the time, and how that was so cheap back then. She even said she'd help me develop my photography skills by sending energy to me that will convince me to change the composition or what ever, hahaa. I can tell the kind of things she's interested in, and what she likes and doesn't like. The other day when I was walking to the college car park, and went through the new orchard thing, I could sense her going mad with excitement, because she felt like it was so peaceful and beautiful. I think I'm going to visit there more, cause I can sense her happiness every time I go there. I kind of feel like I want to take her on loads of adventures, and let her see the world with me. It's so nice and comforting to know she's there.

I really like her and I'm so glad I got to talk to her on Wednesday night, because I was so unsure about what information I received from Victoria, Sinead's guide. But it turns out that information she gave me about Elaine was from a different life. Which leads me on to my next point - reincarnation. They told us it's true so clearly we wanted to know all about our previous lives.

This is my TWENTY EIGHTH life! Anthony is on his 31st, but we both are very old spirits. Anthony's friend Ben is on his 9th life, which is quite young. A lot of things, fascinations, obsessions in this life, are linked to my previous life.
My fascination with America, Canada and Australia is because thats where i spent most of my lives, especially or more recently America / Canada. Which is also probably why I feel like I don't have an Irish mindset. I've always been very attracted to america and american people, and Elaine and Laurence (anthony's guide) told me this is why. I've also ALWAYS, since the age of about 3 years old, been obsessed with Orca Whales. For my sisters birthday she was giving the 'Free Willy' video but didn't want it, so gave it to me. I think I was 3 or 4, and I still have it and still watch it. I remember I used to watch the opening and closing sequences over and over because I loved to watch the shots of the whales in the sea, just jumping around and having the craic. I also remember my Dad brought me home a free willy teddy from Liverpool one time, and I cried so much when my dog Bouncer got it and ate it. Aren't they just the most beautiful, fascinating creatures you've ever seen in your life?

Anyway, when we we're talking to Ben's Jacob, Ben thought he picked up something about me living in the Antarctic or something, which I thought was so funny. But then when I talked to Elaine she told me I used to be an Inuit in North Canada. And I was forced to kill whales and cause it was the only source of food and materials, etc. I actually wanted to cry at the thought of this. I've never been a mad animal rights activist, but the thought of killing orca whales REALLY upsets me. So it's obviously because I used to do it, even though I didn't want to.

Oh, I was also a black female singer in America back in the day, and I was quite famous. This explains why I always sing, and secretly want to believe I'm amazing, even though I'm tone deaf. It also explains why I used to have such an obsession with Destiny's Child, 2pac, and a lot of black r'n'b / rap music. And I always found the Black Civil Rights Movement so fascinating, and I guess its why I get angry at racism.

I imagine I looked quite like this. Haha. I was also Anthony's spirit guide before, which explains why we hit it off straight away on the first day of first year. I was also a member of royalty at one stage! Which Anthony's in denial of, cause he wants all the attention on the fact he might have been royal three times, twice in Japan. I was also a gay man before which is deadly.

They said I'm going to develop my psychic abilities which is so fun, but I'm too scared I'll be clairvoyant (able to see spirits) which I think I'm not able for. Anyway, all in all, it was lots of fun and I'm so happy I had good chats with Elaine.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Being back in Donegal can be nice.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Why have I almost fallen over on the street every day this week, about 16 time a day? Oh yeah, because of the state of the pavements in Dublin. Its ridic. They're actually a death threat. Especially to people like me, who like to steal their girlfriend's scooter to go to the shop. And what about little old ladies that have the strollers, the wheels are going to get caught in the cracks, and they're going to fall over and break their hip! It's awful. Dublin City Council, Sort it out please. Thanks, Terrified For My Life.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Heaven / Spirits / Books

This photo reminds me of the book I'm reading at the moment; "The Lovely Bones." The book is narrated by Susie, a young girl who was murdered in a cornfield by her home. This photo reminds me of that cornfield, and of the people who hang out there now to try to be close to Susie. In particular there is this girl Ruth, who is obsessed with Susie because she saw her ghost leave the cornfield and run past her, and another boy Ray who had a big crush on Susie, and kissed her before she died. Now the pair make out all the time, and hang out every day by where Susie died. Even though Ruth is obv a lesser, its just so lovely that they've found each other at such a sad time. I just think its so cute, and I'm obsessing over the book at the moment.

It made me think of heaven / hell / spirits a lot. Like, in the book Susie talks about "her heaven". Theres other people there that she interacts with, but they all have their own heaven. For example, Susie's heaven smells like a scent she loved in her life, it is full of dogs, because thats her favorite animal. It has playgrounds for her to sit, and watch her friends and family on earth. Thats how I'd like to think Heaven is, a collection of my favorite things, and some where for me to sit and watch whats happening back in the real world.

I wonder if thats what the spirits I contacted last weekend do? Do they sit around and wait until an opportunity like that comes, and if so, how long are they waiting?
We talked to a boy from Laois, and he had passed two years ago, but he told us he had taking part in Glass Divination before. But then the next day we talked to an ancient spirit, 823 years passed to be exact, and she had never done it before.
It's so strange, as was doing the glass divination. It's an amazing experience, but I can see myself getting too into it, because I love the rush of it, and I am so interested in all that jazz. Its so fascinating. To be honest, i still can't believe it happened.
I've always believed in that stuff, or at least wanted to. But then last saturday just confirmed everything I wanted to believe in was true. Then I realised - I don't think I actually want to believe it now. haha. But I feel okay cause Anthony my friend put loads of protection on me, and my spirit guide Elaine seems lovely.

I'm shitting on now about nothing.
Read "The Lovely Bones".

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Seriously? It's about time SOMEONE gave me a job. I've been unemployed since the stone age now. (Hanly Center doesn't count, although speaking of which, I've decided I am at that level of desperation once again.) If it weren't for Babysitting, sure I'd probably be homeless and / or mugging my friends.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Why am I so unemployable? I can't be that bad.
I've a nice CV, good references, experience etc. It's just a bit ridiculous at this stage. I'll actually work anywhere. McDonalds toilets? Grand. As long as theres a steady pay check I am happy.

Okay, but you know whats so much worse than being unemployed? Is those inconsiderate spas who never stop complaining about their jobs.
"Oh, I just have so many hours to work, I just don't know what to do?" Ehh, here, pass us a few hours then, would ya? Or go on a shopping spree with the mad amount of money your making to make yourself feel better. SPA! Just stop complaining about being tired, about having too many hours, about your boss who is "such a dick head". AT LEAST YOU HAVE A BOSS.

I think everyone in the unemployment line should form a mafia against these people, and steal their jobs, because they clearly don't deserve then. Are you unemployed? Unemployable? I am here to recruit you into my mafia. We'll have meetings and house parties, and invite everyone. Except the employed. They can't get that night off work.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So, I've been sneezing non stop for about seven years now, and theres still nothing being done about it. Like, sorry, what is that student nurse being paid to do? Write me a prescription for medication that is CLEARLY not working, Idiot. And no-one understands how painful this is!! It's like someone has your head against the wall and pressing against your inner cheek bones with all their strength. And then theres the headaches, itchy eyes, itchy throat. It's just delightful really.
I couldn't even go into college today because I'm literally dying. On deaths door.

It's gotten to the stage where I'm actually horrendously embarrassed all of the time, because I'm constantly sneezing, sniffing, coughing and making horrid noises with my nose. It's SO embarassing. And sometimes I talk really funny, like someone is holding my nose. I feel like that kid from Recess.

Its so disgusting. And then of course just to top things all off, my skin cracks up and sheds because I've been using so many tissues that I've also developed Eczema, or some form of severely dry skin. Lovely isn't it. Best part, the allergist can't tell me what I'm allergic to. "Its probably something you inhale." OBVIOUSLY YOU OVER-PAID SPA. Dust? Okay, well i've just cleaned the entire house, twice in the last three days, there cannot be a spot of dust. He said maybe its pollen? CLEARLY not. I get it all year round, no matter where I am or what I do. I've also been told to cut down on dairy products. But I NEED my cheese and chocolate. Especially when you're on deaths door, you need chocolate to hug you all better.

GRAND. I'll just wait until my head explodes from sneezing too much, while over paid "doctors" sit back and don't do anything. grand.