Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holidays are Coming....

So now that that stupid essay and 'Out of The Bag' documentary is out of the way, and I'm excited about shooting in Donegal this weekend, I can finally relax and start looking forward to Christmas.

It's by far my favourite time of the year. I love the look and the sound of Christmas. The really dark days, but filled with beautiful colours of red and green. And every where you look is glittery white lights. It's so magical, it makes me stupidly happy and warm and fuzzy inside.

I love Grafton Street at Christmas.
And I love when Starbucks starts doing the red cups and Christmas drinks like eggnog latte and the red cherry one.

I love going home and spending time with my cousins, granny and granda, aunts and uncles who I almost never get to see during the year. I love the build up to Christmas, helping mum with the preparations and choosing presents for my friends.
I love Christmas day, and Christmas Dinner. Getting too stuffed to move after was is so lovely, but of course you still can fit in dessert. Christmas Night is probably my favourite time of the entire year, and have some of my greatest memories from Christmas nights. It's a night of family, friends and tradition. For the last number of years all my family, cousins, grandparents come to my house, and we all sit in the sitting room having the bantz together. When enough alcohol has been consumed the guitars and pianos kick in and we all have sing songs and such a good laugh.

I'm very excited for this year cause I get to see my two best friends:
Michelle McColgan (who is studying in Bordeaux, France, haven't seen her since early September)

and of course Michelle Rice (who is studying in Dundee, Scotland and haven't seen since my birthday in September)

Here's a pic of the three of us last Christmas:

So yeah, can't wait for Christmas - 32 days!! which means like 25ish until I see my best friends. I'm actually really excited to get out of this fucking city. (never thought I'd say that. ever. keep it on the DL.) Anyway I'll leave you with more excitement than you can even handle (The 90s Classic one)


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