Sunday, November 7, 2010

So eh, took this photo last night at Paramore, right?. Now, for about 30 minutes previous to it, I was struggling not to faint because of the heat, and being squished against the barrier. I literally had to beg the security guards not to take me out. I gave Sinead my camera to take photos, then when Pressure was on, right as Hayley went to lie down on the monitor and took it, without flash or anything.

BAM. it's been posted everywhere all over the internet, like 1000s of comments, on different blogs and what not. SUCESS!!

Straight after I took this photo went back into my coma of dizziness and blacking out. Totes was Elaine, she said she's gonna help me with my photography last time I talked to her :P
(Oh, and for the record, I eventually fainted, standing up, being held on my feet by the mass of people around me, then woke up and was totally fine, haha!)

So, cherry on top of the best day of my life really. (Got to meet them again, and got front row, and had SO much fun!) And I had a great weekend Producing a film, it went so well. Someone deflate me before I get an ego....


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