Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So, I've been sneezing non stop for about seven years now, and theres still nothing being done about it. Like, sorry, what is that student nurse being paid to do? Write me a prescription for medication that is CLEARLY not working, Idiot. And no-one understands how painful this is!! It's like someone has your head against the wall and pressing against your inner cheek bones with all their strength. And then theres the headaches, itchy eyes, itchy throat. It's just delightful really.
I couldn't even go into college today because I'm literally dying. On deaths door.

It's gotten to the stage where I'm actually horrendously embarrassed all of the time, because I'm constantly sneezing, sniffing, coughing and making horrid noises with my nose. It's SO embarassing. And sometimes I talk really funny, like someone is holding my nose. I feel like that kid from Recess.

Its so disgusting. And then of course just to top things all off, my skin cracks up and sheds because I've been using so many tissues that I've also developed Eczema, or some form of severely dry skin. Lovely isn't it. Best part, the allergist can't tell me what I'm allergic to. "Its probably something you inhale." OBVIOUSLY YOU OVER-PAID SPA. Dust? Okay, well i've just cleaned the entire house, twice in the last three days, there cannot be a spot of dust. He said maybe its pollen? CLEARLY not. I get it all year round, no matter where I am or what I do. I've also been told to cut down on dairy products. But I NEED my cheese and chocolate. Especially when you're on deaths door, you need chocolate to hug you all better.

GRAND. I'll just wait until my head explodes from sneezing too much, while over paid "doctors" sit back and don't do anything. grand.

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