Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Heaven / Spirits / Books

This photo reminds me of the book I'm reading at the moment; "The Lovely Bones." The book is narrated by Susie, a young girl who was murdered in a cornfield by her home. This photo reminds me of that cornfield, and of the people who hang out there now to try to be close to Susie. In particular there is this girl Ruth, who is obsessed with Susie because she saw her ghost leave the cornfield and run past her, and another boy Ray who had a big crush on Susie, and kissed her before she died. Now the pair make out all the time, and hang out every day by where Susie died. Even though Ruth is obv a lesser, its just so lovely that they've found each other at such a sad time. I just think its so cute, and I'm obsessing over the book at the moment.

It made me think of heaven / hell / spirits a lot. Like, in the book Susie talks about "her heaven". Theres other people there that she interacts with, but they all have their own heaven. For example, Susie's heaven smells like a scent she loved in her life, it is full of dogs, because thats her favorite animal. It has playgrounds for her to sit, and watch her friends and family on earth. Thats how I'd like to think Heaven is, a collection of my favorite things, and some where for me to sit and watch whats happening back in the real world.

I wonder if thats what the spirits I contacted last weekend do? Do they sit around and wait until an opportunity like that comes, and if so, how long are they waiting?
We talked to a boy from Laois, and he had passed two years ago, but he told us he had taking part in Glass Divination before. But then the next day we talked to an ancient spirit, 823 years passed to be exact, and she had never done it before.
It's so strange, as was doing the glass divination. It's an amazing experience, but I can see myself getting too into it, because I love the rush of it, and I am so interested in all that jazz. Its so fascinating. To be honest, i still can't believe it happened.
I've always believed in that stuff, or at least wanted to. But then last saturday just confirmed everything I wanted to believe in was true. Then I realised - I don't think I actually want to believe it now. haha. But I feel okay cause Anthony my friend put loads of protection on me, and my spirit guide Elaine seems lovely.

I'm shitting on now about nothing.
Read "The Lovely Bones".

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